Erin + John


Erin and John’s wedding was so sweet and special. Erin is originally from Seattle but recently moved to Cleveland, where her and John will now be starting their life together. So it was only natural that their wedding was held in the heart of downtown, ending with a quick bite from the Swensons food truck. We also hopped on a trolly and rode around the city for a couple hours, taking some photos and taking it all in.

It was so apparent how loved Erin and John are by the amount of family and friends that showed up from out of town to celebrate with them. I’m not even the slightest bit surprised after seeing how kind and welcoming they were towards me throughout the day. Their venue was perfect and added to the Cleveland, industrial theme of the day. The details were so well thought out, they even had a pie bar instead of cake! Future brides + grooms: I will not be mad one bit if you choose to do this. Just keep in mind, pumpkin is my fave ;)

Thanks so much to Erin + John for trusting me with their big day! It’s always such an honor to be chosen to photograph these special moments and I love investing my heart into your day. I really, truly love this job so much.

Emily Barbarita